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From the AA ... Can you legally tow? It’s not as simple as you think

01Aug / 2016

From the AA ... Can you legally tow? It’s not as simple as you think

Do you have a code EB or a code B license?  Read more below from the AA on how this impacts on what you can tow:

".... In 2000 the government changed to the credit card type driving licences. All code 08 licences issued before this date were automatically converted to EB code licences. Since then, all new licences issued are only code B licences. A Code B licence allows a motorist to tow a light luggage trailer weighing less than 750 kilograms (fully laden). To tow a heavier trailer, caravan or boat, a code EB licence is required.

There is some confusion regarding this because many people assume that a driving licence automatically allows a motorist to tow any sort of trailer. But this is not the case, and B code drivers who are towing trailers heavier than 750 kgs face two problems: they may be fined for breaching the law, and if they are involved in a crash, their claims may be repudiated by their insurers because they are not legally allowed to tow heavier items.

We urge everyone to check their licences and make sure they are legally allowed to tow and, if they aren’t, to make arrangements to ensure they comply with the regulations."

Click here to read the article form the AA.

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